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About CNC Teledata

We are a US based Telecommunications company with dedicated POPs in Frankfurt, and New Jersey . We carry over 20 million minutes of international traffic per month with over 150+ carriers around the world. Our partners are large national telecom operators as well as new dynamic VoIP companies in different parts of the world. CNC Teledata is a team of experienced business and network professionals with over 10 years of experience in Telecommunications

How We Work


    CNC's administration is constantly focused on new challenges as well as on paving new ways and establishing fresh approaches which enables a further development of our Company due to the extension and diversification of the rendered client-oriented services and improvement of their quality.

  • Structure of CNC

    The structure of our Company enables us to ensure a most efficient distribution of responsibility and authority of different departments coordinating separate trends within the scope of the Company’s activities. CNC Teledata started its activities on the service market of Telecommunications Industry in 2004. Originally our Company provided the end users with telecom services. Alongside with retail operations CNC Teledata began making its first steps on the wholesale market in the late 90’s. By 2004 this trend had grown into a separate line of activities that rapidly transferred into the main one.


Our focus is invention and implementation of world class latest technology in VOIP services to cater the need of clients and to sustain mission by constantly seeking enhancement via continuous edification and learnings.


CNC Teledata Services's account management team builds a personal relationship with all its clients, ensuring each client receives a specially tailored experience that is designed to increase their profits

In News

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Our Journey

  • Voice Telecommunications Service

    In mid of 2009 , CNC Teledata launched carrier services, independently-managed business units of telecommunications services.
  • Added SAL Consulting.

    In 2009 we have added SAL Consulting (Simple and Light Computing). For our Voice/Data Customers only, SAL Consulting is an APPLE MAC OS-X system integration.
  • Established in 2004 to run all the USA operations.

    Dedicated to raise customers in the US and Europe, we help these customers to avoid some of the complicated infrastructure by dealing with them in the US.